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How To Check Spelling & Grammar In Word

Spelling and grammar mistakes can distract readers from the hard work that you have put into your documents. Eliminate these mistakes with a handy spelling and grammar check feature that is built in to word processors like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, and AbiWord.

Most of the time, common spelling errors will automatically correct (i.e. autocorrect). For the rest of the words, it will place a red squiggly line underneath each word it believes is spelled incorrect and a green squiggly line underneath each phrase it believes is grammatically incorrect.

Once you are finished with your document, you’ll want to check spelling and grammar using the built-in function to eliminate all those red and green squiggly lines!

  • 1

    Open your completed document.

  • 2

    Click the Review menu tab.

  • 3

    Click the Spelling & Grammar icon (it contains an “ABC ✓”).

  • 4

    A dialog box will appear with each misspelled word or grammar error, and the program’s desired changes.

  • 5

    Click on Ignore or Change for each individual item. You can also choose to Ignore All for words that appear multiple times but are spelled correctly, like uncommon names.

  • 6

    Once the spelling and grammar check is complete, a prompt will appear to tell you it is done. Click OK.

  • 7

    Save your document to save all the changes that were applied.

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