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How To Convert DOCX to DOC

A .docx file is a Microsoft Word XML format document that Microsoft started using in its 2007 version of Microsoft Office. While any version of Microsft Office after 2008 can read .docx, older versions of Word and many non-Microsoft word processing programs cannot.

But this doesn’t mean that you’re totally unable to read or edit a .docx document. A simple conversion to a readable .doc format is easy. Follow the steps below!

  • 1

    Find a free file converter. HowSpot suggests doing a Google search of “Convert Docx to Doc” or “Free File Converter”.

  • 2

    Select the file to upload. Most online converter have a browsing feature. Click the Browse button and find the file you wish to convert.

  • 3

    Choose how you want the converted file displayed. Available options usually include opening it in your Web browser, downloading the file to be saved, opened immediately, or being sent the converted file by email.

  • 4

    Open your converted file. If you have OpenOffice or AbiWord installed, your converted file will be editable in either of these word processors.

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