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How To Download eBooks To Calibre

Calibre is a free, open source eBook library management tool developed by users of eBooks. With Calibre, you can manage your eBook collection in one convenient place, as well as convert eBooks to various formats and sync eBooks to your reading devices.

Getting started with Calibre is easy. Follow the instructions below to install Calibre, and start managing your eBook collection today!

  • Set Up Calibre

  • 1

    Download your free copy of Calibre.

  • 2

    Follow the setup wizard’s prompts to install Calibre on your computer.

  • 3

    Set the preferred eReader device as a default format.

  • 4

    Launch Calibre for use.

  • Download Your eBooks To Calibre

  • 1

    Launch Calibre for use. If you have just installed Calibre, your library will be empty.

  • 2

    To add books to library, click the Add Books icon in the top left-hand corner.

  • 3

    Browse your eBook files and select the ones you wish to add. You can select multiple books at once.

  • 4

    Click Open to upload your eBooks.

  • 5

    Check each eBooks metadata to make sure the proper title, author, and descriptions have transferred over. If not, click the Edit Meta Information button.

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