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How To Edit Photos

Photo editing software allows you to manipulate your photos to change their size, focus, or clarity. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need expensive photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to achieve these changes. recommends GIMP—a free open-source alternative—for editing photos. It has all the features and functions that you need to create beautiful, high-quality photos.

  • How To Edit Photos With GIMP

  • 1

    Download and install GIMP.

  • 2

    Once GIMP is installed, open up the image file you’d like to edit. Click File > Open and locate the file you need.

  • 3

    To crop your photo, click on the Toolbox—Tool Options toolbar window and click the Rectangle Select tool. Select the part of your photo you want cropped. Then click on Image > Crop to Selection to complete the crop.

  • 4

    To change the brightness and contrast of your photo, click on Colors > Brightness-Contrast. Adjust the brightness and contrast sliders to achieve your desired coloring. Click OK to save your changes, or click Reset to return the image to its original settings.

  • 5

    Export your files once you are done editing your images so that you can use them with any photo editing software.

  • 6

    For more photo editing techniques, visit GIMP’s tutorial page to learn about a variety of techniques ranging from beginners to advanced, professional-grade techniques.

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