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How To Get Start Button Menu On Windows 8

Windows 8 now has a Start menu screen that houses all your programs and applications—it’s still accessible through the Windows key, but it’s not quite as intuitively organized. And it’s definitely a noticeable change from previous Windows Start Button and folders-based menu.

You can install a third-party tool in Windows 8 that will help mimic the Start button and other features you previously enjoyed. HowSpot recommends Classic Shell to restore all your previous Windows features to Windows 8.

  • Install A Third-Party Tool

  • 1

    Download your third-party tool, like Classic Shell.

  • 2

    Install it according to the prompted instructions.

  • 3

    Choose which features and components you want to appear. With Classic Shell’s default installation, all components are checked and installed. You can go through and uncheck the ones you don’t want.

  • 4

    Enjoy your old Windows Start Button menu!

  • Create A Windows 8 Start Menu Toolbar

  • 1

    The Start menu can be made into a toolbar, which will allow you access to all the programs you’d normally see in “All Programs”. Right-click on the Taskbar and click Toolbars.

  • 2

    Select New Toolbar.

  • 3

    Browse to the folder you would like to display as a Start Menu. Select this folder and click OK.

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