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How To Play DVD On Windows 8

You might be surprised to learn that PCs that run Windows 8 no longer supports video DVD playback. Microsoft decided to not include DVD support because so many new computers, such a tablets and ultrabooks, don’t include DVD drives and support streaming video instead.

Fortunately, there is an option for those who still want to play DVDs on a Windows 8 PC. HowSpot strongly recommends VLC Media Player as the easiest solution that also offers the highest quality playback.

  • 1

    Download and install your free copy of VLC Media Player.

  • 2

    Insert your DVD into your built-in disc drive.

  • 3

    A dialog box asking you what action you would like to take will appear. Select Play DVD movie/ VideoLAN VLC Media Player.

  • 4

    Alternately, you can also play your DVD from within the VLC Media Player interface. Click the menu Media > Open Disc to launch your DVD.

  • 5

    To view your media full-screen, press the F key.

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