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How To Play Free Music Without Download

Thanks to streaming music services, it is possible to listen to free music without downloading any actual song files. Streaming music is a great option for listening to music as long as you have a fast, reliable Internet connection.

Play Free Music Through A Streaming Site

There are a number of free music streaming sites and applications available for the everyday user. These services are free because they are advertiser-supported, and you must listen to commercials at regular intervals in order to continue streaming music.

  • Pandora is a popular music streaming site. Visit and enter your favorite artist or band. Pandora will automatically populate a playlist station with related artists.
  • Spotify is community-driven music streaming application. Download the application and login with your Facebook account to access Spotify’s vast database of music, as well as tap into users’ shared playlists and tracks.

Play Free Music With Songbird

Songbird is a free, open source music management application. It also hosts a community of music lovers who share their music, which you can stream for free! In addition, Songbird supports, a music discovery service that allows you to stream music for free as well!

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