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How To Reinstall Antivirus Software

Most computers come with antivirus software already installed. This is great, until your trial periods runs out! Of course, it is always recommended to purchase software that you like—not only will you receive the full version’s benefits, but you’ll support a product that you enjoy.

However, just because you’re a little light in the wallet doesn’t mean that your computer should be left defenseless. There are several options that you can try to reinstall your trial antivirus software or download a variety of free antivirus software products.

Use a third-party uninstaller

Trial software will save their licensing information in a registry key or a file on the hard drive. A third-party uninstaller tool, like Revo Uninstaller, will include a registry and file monitor, and will keep track of every action performed by the installer of trial software.

By keeping track of these actions, the third-party uninstaller tool will delete all the registry entries and files created by the trial software. When you reverse or delete these actions, your computer is “clean”, or free from any proof that the trial software was installed.

At this point, you can reinstall the trial software again without worrying about an error message saying your trial period has expired!

Backing-up your computer registry

This method is similar to using a third-party uninstaller detailed above. By backing up, or making a copy of your registry before you install any software, you are saving a copy of your “clean” computer. When you restore your computer to the “clean” state, you can safely reinstall your trial software.

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Reset the date and time of your system

Most software use advanced techniques that protect against this option, but it is a simple workaround to try. Set your system clock and calendar to an earlier date after installing the software. The software will use this system date to count the 30-day trial period. The downside to this, of course, is that your system’s date and time stamps will be incorrect.

Download a free-to-use antivirus software program

You don’t have to rely on paid antivirus software. There are a variety of FREE and reliable antivirus software products on the market that can fit a variety of needs. recommends ClamAV. ClamAV is a comprehensive antivirus protection program that harnesses the power of a cloud-based community to detect and eradicated the latest malicious threats. ClamAV also features a number of fundamental security features, like a malware scanner, email scanner, firewall controls, and Internet security.

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